Arizona Community Journalism is what this Grass Roots Movement is all about. 

We welcome you to My Local News – Arizona. Please forgive our not so splashy website but rather serious efforts by community journalists to bring engaging local news to cities and towns throughout Arizona and the U.S. Where topics include local news, events, opinions, politics, education, foodie reviews, sports, business profiles and much more.  Our goal is to become the local newspaper of yesteryear with a contemporary digital platform that delivers “home town” news that is relevant and informative to you the subscriber.  Where content is a higher priority than flash and “real news” means unbiased accounts of what is going on in your community. 

Registering as a Contributor is fast easy and free and your articles will be published under your personal byline with full control within your custom dashboard.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction to My Local News and we hope that you will spend some time exploring our site.

Joseph Lewis

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