Arizona Ranks Fourth in Likelihood of Catfishing

Arizona Ranks Fourth in Likelihood of Catfishing

A recent survey raised alarms about the high number of catfishing cases in Arizona.

No, we aren’t talking about reeling in a fish from one of our desert lakes. We’re referring to the act of luring someone into an online relationship under false pretenses and a fake persona. It’s more than annoying; it’s heartbreaking in many instances as people pour their heart and soul into a relationship that isn’t real. Catfishers create fake online profiles and use social media to attract others to a romantic relationship that isn’t based on reality.

In many circumstances, catfishers borrow money for untrue reasons or obtain access to bank accounts, steal funds and then disappear and cut off contact. Many victims not only have their hearts broken, but they can be tricked out of thousands of dollars too.

Now, as catfishing cases continue to rise, has used FBI and Census data to provide current statistics on this crime and areas in which people are more likely to fall victim.
After adjustment for population, Arizonans are the fourth most likely in the United States to become victims of a catfishing scam. Alaskans rank No. 1, followed by people in Nevada and Colorado. Oregon came in fifth. However, the people in Arkansas lose the most money, with victims being scammed out of an average of $37,268. In Arizona the average loss per victim is $11,522.

Read the complete story, list and methodology here.

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