3 Lightweight Go apps for Android Go Phones

3 Lightweight Go apps for Android Go Phones

Keeping a phone is not as hard as maintaining it. One has to take care of everything that one does on a phone. One cannot download applications and not worry about the memory and things related to it. Phone memory is a big issue. If it gets full, it means that everything on your phone will slow down be it texting, using other application, or as basic an act as switching on from off – everything gets slow and you can’t help but blame your phone for having such a short capacity to work. Every phone comes with its own specifications and limitations. One has to keep in mind the extent to which a phone can bear the load of content. This approach results in leaving the user with limited research and limited data on their phone. This may not be good news for people who manage most of their official tasks on phone. They cannot have their data lost every now and then. They also cannot afford to make a choice between what to keep and what to give up.

Apart from all these facts, if you have zero ideas of what Go apps are about here’s a quick explanation. You must have heard about Opera Mini. It did sound similar to what Opera browser sounds like but the functions and features are different. Opera Mini is a smaller version of it just like Google Go is a lite version of Google browser. Similarly, the applications like Android Go version is a lite version of Android Oreo. Both aren’t the same. Most of what these software or application clash in is their demand for memory from a phone. This may not be the only difference. There are many other differences that come with it. Some may have additional features while some just exclude the limitations that the main application puts on the user.

In this article, we will focus on writing down all the Go applications that you can use on your computer or on your phone; but before we do that, let’s write down all the benefits of these applications.

If you are a smartphone user and it is a lower-end phone, you are well aware of the limited RAM capacity and storage it keeps on itself. Neither can you download anything freely, nor can you afford to keep it saved on your phone. You always need a device you can transfer all the data on so you can get more data on yours. These Go apps help us abundantly in keeping your phone light and easy to access. They are manufactured in the manner that they program efficiently with a RAM of 512 MB to 1 GB. These apps are also lighter than the original apps.

Having stated that lower-end smartphones give a limited capacity to the user, high-end smartphones just do the opposite. They allow long-term usage which ultimately slows down their phone and that is one thing you cannot afford on your phone that stores a good deal of useful data. Go applications at least take limited space on your phone. Thus making them healthy for high-end smartphones as well.

Now let’s discuss a few Lightweight Go applications that you may need if you haven’t yet heard about them:

  1. Gmail Go:

Gmail application has a lite version known as Gmail Go. Gmail is one of the basic applications that we keep in our phones. It allows emailing – professional or unprofessional – across countries, possible. You need it because if you are in professional life, you are well aware of how much it is used by everyone, by “everyone” we mean, every professional, no matter how big a company it is that they are running. Given its use, you definitely need the version that promises the best service in its capacity. In this application, you can use the swipe as you please: to archive, delete or whatever function you want to give it based on your convenience.

  1. Yahoo Mail Go

This version of Yahoo comprises of the qualities that foster the users if Outlook, Yahoo accounts, Gmail, and AOL. This version is light weighted. There was a time when everyone used Yahoo to message or call people beyond borders. People still don’t hesitate using it for the experience it provides to its valuable users.

  1. Maps Go

One always needs navigation no matter wherever he is – out of the city or out of the country, or within the city. Maps help one reach their destination without having to roam around in the city, asking people for direction. That wastes time and petrol. Everyone nowadays keeps a phone in their bags that have an application installed which helps one move around without having to ask for directions from a gazillion people. Maps Go consumes a small space and is easy to use. One does not necessarily need the internet (check: Local Cable Deals) to access this application. It gives you traffic updates, weather updates and news related to the areas you are travelling to.

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